Referral Program

Dec. 11, 2016

We now have a referral program! The details are at - but we'll go over them briefly here.

Referrals are based on addresses, so no accounts are necessary. You can refer someone to any page on this site and we'll know that you sent them (see the Referral Program page for instructions). Whenever someone you referred gets a tip, you also get a 10% commission. You receive commission at the same time they receive their tip, so there's absolutely no waiting. After they click your referral link, you receive commission for someone's tips for 90 days.

Like always, we've aimed to make this as transparent as possible. You can see the referrals for an address on the same page you see its tip requests and payouts on. Check out the Stats page for data on how many referrals there are, and who is referring the most!