Month: August 2021

  • Affiliate Banners

    Affiliate Banners

    This page is dedicated to providing affiliate banners that everyone is welcome to use. How to join the affiliate marketing program? Anyone can join the FreeBitcoins affiliate program and start inviting their friends today. Register at Please do not spam or break local laws. Is there a cap on how much affiliates…

  • Ethereum deposit and withdrawal fees lowered

    We have lowered our exchanges Ethereum deposit and withdrawal fees to 0.0025 ETH each. For more details please be sure to check our altcoin exchanges FAQ:

  • freebitcoins token fbtc

    This is the announcement page for FreeBitcoins Token (FBTC). FreeBitcoins Token is an altcoin that is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. Half of all the FreeBitcoins Token (FBTC) can be earned for free here. FreeBitcoins Token (FBTC) can be bought and sold with Bitcoin here. FBTC Token Bitcointalk thread is here. Distribution The launch supply of…