Guest Post Review Legal Marijuana Distilate THCO For $3 A Gram. Do It offers 20 grams of raw THCO distillate for $60. This breaks down to $3 a gram for a product that is 3x as strong as the distillate that requires a doctor’s note. THCO Order Guide:

This is what I recommend on how to order. 

Order two THCO 20gram for $60 each. This raises your order above the required amount to qualify for free shipping.

Order two 1 gram terps. Don’t be cheap on this step. offers decent terps, too, and they blend easily. Order 1 gram for each 20gram of raw THCO you get.

You should also order a few large gauge blunt tip syringes. These will be used to mix the product and load your vaporizer.

Blending your THCO with your terps:

Slow and steady is the key. I recommend using a heating pad. I also recommend that you always use the lid on the solutions you are heating.

Place your 20 grams of THCO inside the heating pad and place the 1gram of terps you intend on blending with it.

Allow the outside to heat for 20-30 minutes. Then add the liquid terps into the 20gram THCO. Stir with a 15 gauge blunt tip. Close the lid and let it heat for another 20-30 minutes.

What vaporizer works the best for THCO?

I like what Bolder does. “The Boulder Rock” cost about $20 to start. You’ll get one empty 2.5-gram tank with that. Then it’s $10 for two empty tanks going on from there.

One tank lasts about 3-5x longer than an average California distillate cart would last you. This shit is smoking!

Enjoy and good luck! I strongly recommend trying this. You’ll save a ton of money and you won’t go to jail.

Guest Post

There Are No Women In Bitcoin Or On The Internet

The Start of My Bitcoin, Clamcoin, & Cryptocurrency Adventure as a woman.

The year was 2016, and Bitcoin was making its way towards a thousand dollars, and I had no idea what Bitcoin even was. Sure, I’d heard the word before in the internet world but had no idea how it worked.

My boyfriend and I had recently decided to move in together, so I wasn’t too familiar with all of his online activities quite yet. 

A woman’s worries about the Bitcoin world and the questions.

I knew he was into computers and some nerdy-type things but hadn’t really asked too much about it at the time. One night, I walked into the bedroom and noticed he had some kind of chat website up that he was typing in.

Now any of you men reading who have or have had a wife or serious woman in your life (Or women reading this who don’t even need this explained) know that we can be a bit sensitive when it comes to such things. (Especially for those of us with anxiety) I’m going to just blame biology here and say that it’s natural for us to be a bit suspicious in order to protect our standing with our mate.

That sounds good, right? Right? Anyway… I question him about this site, what it’s about, and if many women are in it (lol). He tells me about and about Clam and Bitcoin and Crypto. He said to me that “there’s not really women, at least not very many.” (Me: “suuuuure”) I’m still pretty lost, but I’m in at this point and interested.

The Degentlemen of the Bitcoin and Altcoin world in the chat.

The next day, I decide I’m going to infiltrate this site. Not many women? “WE WILL SEE!” Let me be clear by saying I trust him. I am just a curious and only slightly jealous female type. Like I said, biology! So, I make myself a name and lurk around for a short time.

This group seems like a bunch of pervy degenerates… I kinda like them! They made me laugh and seemed to be friendly to each other. It was almost like these degenerate internet trolls were somehow “Degentlemen” in this one single chat room.

I introduced myself and told them who my boyfriend was and that I was just coming to check the site out after my boyfriend told me about it. The Degentlemen explained that Just-Dice used to be a Bitcoin website with over 63,000 Bitcoins invested, but had shut down and was now using a play cryptocurrency called Clamcoin and how it was given away for free to all Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin users (All of these coins mentioned can be traded on the XChange.)

Holy shit… I’m basically in here alone with these Bitcoin degenerates.

Then, it got interesting. It turned out the Degentlemen really didn’t have many female users. Other than a couple of female mods who rarely came around, it was pretty full of testosterone in the chat. One of the first responses to my presence was Klye, “There are no females on the internet!” Now, at the time, I thought this guy was crazy. (Which he might be, but we love Klye.) I wasn’t sure if he really believed that or was just full of it. Looking back, I realize that he was half trolling me. The other half supports the fact that many men in the internet world act like females to get money: “ewhoring“. Usually, the highest paying customers are other stupid men; go figure! After some bantering, defending my woman-ness, and some proof, they finally seemed to accept me as the woman I am. 

Meeting the queen of Bitcoin and Clamcoin.

Not too long after joining, I got to talk with the wife of the site owner on Deb was super cool and super welcoming to me; she liked me so much she modded me soon after. I have really valued my friendship with her as the “only” two women on the internet, according to the degenerates!

Meeting Deb was a super big breath of fresh air in this online chatroom. She could hang with the best of the best or the worst trolls of the worst. I learned a lot of things from Deb online that I’ve been able to apply to my offline life. Everything from “mom advice” to what diets make us feel our best. This was a much different pace of chat than the normal chatrooms that I’ve seen on the internet. Deb was obviously a queen in this space, to the Degentlemen of Just-Dice.

The After Math Of Six Years Later

Nearly six years later, Just-Dice is still home to me. I have gotten to know the regulars, and it’s almost like a family. These guys are supportive, make me laugh, sometimes annoy me; It feels like they’ve become like my brothers. Close friendships have been made, I’ve been helped through life’s struggles, and this community has been there for me. I have to admit, I still don’t wholly understand crypto. I’m capable of copying and pasting the addresses, and the transactions work every time! I know more than your average “non-existent female” on the internet, and I am blessed to have made such degenerate friends that I consider Degentlemen.

Written by: ♥ Meow ( – Just-Dice Volunteer Moderator

Edited by: Steven Steiner –‘s CEO
Edited by: Cyndhal Hoyt –’s Executive Secretary