Bitcoin faucet – The easy way to earn a little BTC

A Bitcoin faucet is a way that users get a small amount of Bitcoin for “free.” Think of it as a leaky faucet in your bathroom; how it drips! Users are generally required to complete some task to prove that they are real users. Faucets range in difficulty. I’ve seen faucets that need you to watch a video for 10 minutes. Luckily, only requires a simple antibot captcha before rewarding users through the FreeBitcoins faucet. The other faucet we recommend is also straightforward to use as well. BTC Faucet

Step 1: Register on the FreeBitcoins altcoin exchange. All faucet hits are directly deposited into this account:

Step 2: Visit and use the faucet. Be sure to type your account name exactly cOrreCt:

Step 3: Check your altcoin exchange balance at the bottom of the exchange account deposit page. You should see the free coins there within 30 seconds!

Be sure to check our YouTube for more detailed helpful videos:

Another good Bitcoin faucet that works

We recommend using FreeBitcoin in combination with using

Good luck!!!