How To Sell Bitcoin Testnet For Real Bitcoins Using

Bitcoin Testnet (TBTC) is a valuable tool included with every Bitcoin Core wallet download. Essentially, if you’ve already downloaded Bitcoin Core. You already possess a TBTC wallet on your device. If you’d rather skip this article and dive straight into trading Bitcoin Testnet. Feel free to click on this link: Bitcoin Testnet Trading.

The primary purpose of TBTC is to serve as a free platform for developers to test their code without the risk of losing real Bitcoins. However, TBTC can also be an excellent resource for those looking to explore cryptocurrency without the usual concerns associated with traditional Bitcoin.

Individuals can leverage TBTC for various purposes, such as testing wallet recovery methods, experimenting with new hardware wallets, trying out services that accept TBTC, and simulating typical Bitcoin use cases.

Acquiring a small fraction of TBTC through an online faucet is quite straightforward. Additionally, we operate a free TBTC faucet, allowing users to claim TBTC once and instantly withdraw it via Nevertheless, obtaining a whole TBTC can be a bit more challenging due to the block reward for TBTC being 0.02 TBTC. With an average block time of 20 minutes (twice as fast as Bitcoin Core’s ten-minute blocks).

To address this, we’ve established a trading pair between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Testnet. Users can easily buy or sell whole TBTC coins using AltQuick’s exchange platform. Once you’re done with your TBTC. You can choose to sell them, or donate them to our faucet or another TBTC faucet. Even simply disregard them due to their affordability.

Explore our TBTC market by clicking this link: Bitcoin Testnet Market.

If you prefer to buy or sell Bitcoin Testnet without creating an account, take advantage of our “Swap” tool here: Swap TBTC.