Where To Earn Free Bitcoins? is a wonderful place to start learning how to use Bitcoin for free. Users simply need to sign on the Free Bitcoins altcoin exchange: After signing up users need to enter their user name exactly as they signed up over on the FreeBitcoins faucet: You should be able to see your new free cryptocurrency balancer over on the page:

Guest Post Review Legal Marijuana Distilate THCO For $3 A Gram. Do It offers 20 grams of raw THCO distillate for $60. This breaks down to $3 a gram for a product that is 3x as strong as the distillate that requires a doctor’s note. THCO Order Guide:

This is what I recommend on how to order. 

Order two THCO 20gram for $60 each. This raises your order above the required amount to qualify for free shipping.

Order two 1 gram terps. Don’t be cheap on this step. offers decent terps, too, and they blend easily. Order 1 gram for each 20gram of raw THCO you get.

You should also order a few large gauge blunt tip syringes. These will be used to mix the product and load your vaporizer.

Blending your THCO with your terps:

Slow and steady is the key. I recommend using a heating pad. I also recommend that you always use the lid on the solutions you are heating.

Place your 20 grams of THCO inside the heating pad and place the 1gram of terps you intend on blending with it.

Allow the outside to heat for 20-30 minutes. Then add the liquid terps into the 20gram THCO. Stir with a 15 gauge blunt tip. Close the lid and let it heat for another 20-30 minutes.

What vaporizer works the best for THCO?

I like what Bolder does. “The Boulder Rock” cost about $20 to start. You’ll get one empty 2.5-gram tank with that. Then it’s $10 for two empty tanks going on from there.

One tank lasts about 3-5x longer than an average California distillate cart would last you. This shit is smoking!

Enjoy and good luck! I strongly recommend trying this. You’ll save a ton of money and you won’t go to jail.

Guest Post

There Are No Women In Bitcoin Or On The Internet

The Start of My Bitcoin, Clamcoin, & Cryptocurrency Adventure as a woman.

The year was 2016, and Bitcoin was making its way towards a thousand dollars, and I had no idea what Bitcoin even was. Sure, I’d heard the word before in the internet world but had no idea how it worked.

My boyfriend and I had recently decided to move in together, so I wasn’t too familiar with all of his online activities quite yet. 

A woman’s worries about the Bitcoin world and the questions.

I knew he was into computers and some nerdy-type things but hadn’t really asked too much about it at the time. One night, I walked into the bedroom and noticed he had some kind of chat website up that he was typing in.

Now any of you men reading who have or have had a wife or serious woman in your life (Or women reading this who don’t even need this explained) know that we can be a bit sensitive when it comes to such things. (Especially for those of us with anxiety) I’m going to just blame biology here and say that it’s natural for us to be a bit suspicious in order to protect our standing with our mate.

That sounds good, right? Right? Anyway… I question him about this site, what it’s about, and if many women are in it (lol). He tells me about and about Clam and Bitcoin and Crypto. He said to me that “there’s not really women, at least not very many.” (Me: “suuuuure”) I’m still pretty lost, but I’m in at this point and interested.

The Degentlemen of the Bitcoin and Altcoin world in the chat.

The next day, I decide I’m going to infiltrate this site. Not many women? “WE WILL SEE!” Let me be clear by saying I trust him. I am just a curious and only slightly jealous female type. Like I said, biology! So, I make myself a name and lurk around for a short time.

This group seems like a bunch of pervy degenerates… I kinda like them! They made me laugh and seemed to be friendly to each other. It was almost like these degenerate internet trolls were somehow “Degentlemen” in this one single chat room.

I introduced myself and told them who my boyfriend was and that I was just coming to check the site out after my boyfriend told me about it. The Degentlemen explained that Just-Dice used to be a Bitcoin website with over 63,000 Bitcoins invested, but had shut down and was now using a play cryptocurrency called Clamcoin and how it was given away for free to all Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin users (All of these coins mentioned can be traded on the XChange.)

Holy shit… I’m basically in here alone with these Bitcoin degenerates.

Then, it got interesting. It turned out the Degentlemen really didn’t have many female users. Other than a couple of female mods who rarely came around, it was pretty full of testosterone in the chat. One of the first responses to my presence was Klye, “There are no females on the internet!” Now, at the time, I thought this guy was crazy. (Which he might be, but we love Klye.) I wasn’t sure if he really believed that or was just full of it. Looking back, I realize that he was half trolling me. The other half supports the fact that many men in the internet world act like females to get money: “ewhoring“. Usually, the highest paying customers are other stupid men; go figure! After some bantering, defending my woman-ness, and some proof, they finally seemed to accept me as the woman I am. 

Meeting the queen of Bitcoin and Clamcoin.

Not too long after joining, I got to talk with the wife of the site owner on Deb was super cool and super welcoming to me; she liked me so much she modded me soon after. I have really valued my friendship with her as the “only” two women on the internet, according to the degenerates!

Meeting Deb was a super big breath of fresh air in this online chatroom. She could hang with the best of the best or the worst trolls of the worst. I learned a lot of things from Deb online that I’ve been able to apply to my offline life. Everything from “mom advice” to what diets make us feel our best. This was a much different pace of chat than the normal chatrooms that I’ve seen on the internet. Deb was obviously a queen in this space, to the Degentlemen of Just-Dice.

The After Math Of Six Years Later

Nearly six years later, Just-Dice is still home to me. I have gotten to know the regulars, and it’s almost like a family. These guys are supportive, make me laugh, sometimes annoy me; It feels like they’ve become like my brothers. Close friendships have been made, I’ve been helped through life’s struggles, and this community has been there for me. I have to admit, I still don’t wholly understand crypto. I’m capable of copying and pasting the addresses, and the transactions work every time! I know more than your average “non-existent female” on the internet, and I am blessed to have made such degenerate friends that I consider Degentlemen.

Written by: ♥ Meow ( – Just-Dice Volunteer Moderator

Edited by: Steven Steiner –‘s CEO
Edited by: Cyndhal Hoyt –’s Executive Secretary


Learn about Clamcoin and how to trade or exchange it in 2022 Safely

Trading and Exchanging in Clamcoin

You already own a Clamcoin (CLAM) if you had a Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Litecoin in your crypto wallet on the 12th of May, 2014. It sounds surprising, right!  CLAM was the first cryptocurrency to use a snapshot of all the private keys in use and reward them with a proof of stake coin.  This makes Clamcoin a Proof of Stake coin that is based on Proof of Work!

Created by’s CTO, Scott Llewellyn in 2014, Clamcoin was distributed among all crypto enthusiasts having BTC, DOGE, or LTC in their cryptocurrency address.  The way this was accomplished is that all three of these cryptocurrencies use SHA-256 and this means that all of their addresses have the same private keys, but different public keys!  Each BTC, DOGE, & LTC address that held a coin balance over “dust” was gifted 4.60545574 CLAMS for free that will never expire and can still be claimed today!  Ever since Clamcoins introduction in the cryptocurrency industry, this CLAM crypto has been making buzz across many controversies that have caused the price to fall over the past few years. For example, CLAM was used to hack users for over 1,800 Bitcoins!  However, CLAM and the Clammunity have stepped up and the future for Clamcoin looks bright in 2022.

In case you don’t know much about Clamcoin, read ahead to learn more about its software, its platform and how you can trade in Clamcoin on the FreeBitcoins platform.

What is Clamcoin (CLAM)?

CLAM is a form of digital currency that can be easily developed, shared, and verified by the computer having the CLAM software installed in it. The technological setup of this digital asset is similar to that of bitcoin. Its network follows a strict protocol for ensuring consensus maintenance and verification.

On the other hand, Clamcoin is an innovative and decentralized payment network that is based on the original bitcoin code. The network uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism along with blockchain technology to manage its transactions.  This means that Clamcoin secures itself with its own coins rather than physical miners.  Coins earn coins in CLAM.

On this platform, you can even make a transaction using other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. As mentioned earlier, these coins have been circulated among all active users of Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.  CLAM is proof of stake that is based on proof of work.  Most POS coins are exactly that POS’s (Piece of shits), but CLAM has a backing based on proof of work and we loved that from the beginning!

What is CLAM software?

Similarly, CLAM software is easily accessible to everyone, and one can make anything on that system as well. Unlike other famous platforms, the CLAM platform provides an equal distribution system.

This equal distribution system gives all its users some of the best possible services on this platform. The initial distribution and ongoing distribution are both included in the equal distribution. Another special characteristic about this token network is that it gets bigger and stronger as more and more users join it.

As mentioned earlier, the CLAM network employs proof-of-stake (PoS) technology in its ongoing distribution system. In other words, you can dig fresh coins by staking this digital asset in order to secure the network. Further, to process the tokens, this network selects one of the runnings unlocked clients. The process is executed in the background where you, as a client, stand an opportunity to earn 1 CLAM on each Block found on the blockchain.  Blockchain times are roughly 1 minute each block, so 1 CLAM will be created every minute forever.

Moreover, the CLAM network has been developed by its founders with the most extensive digital value distribution. Apart from all these things, CLAM holds the recognition of being the first crypto in the industry to use proof-of-chain technology. 

How can you get these coins into your account?

All the users who had Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Litecoin on the date of May 12th, 2014, then most likely you would have also received Clamcoin on your address as more than three million account holders were rewarded with this crypto on its creation. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies in which you have to mine these coins to get more of them, you would have to dig Clamcoin to make more out of them. 

Similarly, you can try out CLAM client and earn Clamcoin in your account. As mentioned earlier, this network would select one of its running unlocked clients to process CLAM transactions. The process generally takes place in the background where you, as a client, stand an opportunity to earn 1 CLAM on your selection.

Further, you can also make use of the automated digging tool available on the CLAMclient. Once you make use of this tool, CLAM client will look at your crypto wallet, and start digging up hidden change addresses that your crypto wallet would contain.

In the same way, you can go to, and claim your free Clamcoins by using its digging services that are available in its chatbox. You just have to follow these simple steps to grab your favorite cryptos: Go to the, and tap on its “chat” icon. After clicking on the chatbox, simply just mention “dig”, and then follow the instructions.

Apart from all these options, you can go for a faucet that would give you Clamcoin (though in small quantities) in the form of a reward in case you complete certain tasks. Usually, the faucet provides free drops after successful completion of tasks that are nearly equal to 0.00001000 CLAM.

Trading in Clamcoins on

FreeBitcoins allows you to buy and sell Clamcoins very easily. Users can get themselves register with the FreeBitcoins exchange (XChange), and get a free Clamcoin (CLAM) wallet address in return. Once they have registered their user name, they just have to tap on the “Deposit” button located on the top of the exchange page and create their free CLAM address, which would be useful for deposits and withdrawals.

Other than that, you can use the FreeBitcoins CLAM faucet, and get some free Clamcoins in your account. All you have to do is to sign up for the exchange and click the “Faucet” link available at the bottom of any page. Adhere to the simple instructions located on that page, and if everything goes as planned, you would get 0.01 CLAM directly in your exchange account.

FreeBitcoins exchange (XChange) gives all the members of the CLAM community (also called the “Clammunity”) to collect and trade altcoins in exchange for Clamcoin. Therefore, you can have your desired altcoins in your crypto wallet by just exchanging them with Clamcoins for free.


The use of blockchain technology has ushered in a new era in the crypto industry with the introduction of Bitcoin. This same technology has been used to make CLAM, which is free, widely accessible, and open-sourced. Though there are many crypto assets launched in recent times, however, this digital coin is an extremely innovative alteration of the Bitcoin code.

The usage of a combined computing power network helps in creating and maintaining the blockchain technology through which the execution of transactions involving Clamcoins could take place. Unlike many other financial systems including banks, CLAM does not make use of any middlemen. Having said that, crypto enthusiasts consider it simply to be a network free from inconvenience.Trading in this crypto has never been safer and more anonymous than it is now. You can buy, sell, and exchange these digital assets with your favorite crypto easily on the FreeBitcoins exchange. Since this exchange provides a better trading experience to its users when compared to other altcoin exchanges, Bittrex, or Poloniex, we would recommend you to come and give’s altcoin exchange a try once!  I bet you like it!!!!

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

We hope to see you trading and exchanging Clamcoin soon on!


Free Avalanche (AVAX) and Bitcoin (BTC) Cryptocurrency Faucet Refilled

The cryptocurrency faucet has been refilled today with Avalanche and Bitcoin. Users can create an account on our full-service altcoin exchange and then have free coins deposited directly into their account.

There are no holds on these coins when you have the withdrawal requirement or the trade requirement. You can use them on FreeBitcoins; these are free coins! You are invited to earn these free coins, sell them for cheaper altcoins, and withdraw instantly. It won’t take you weeks to get a withdrawal on the Blockchain… has users earning free coins every hour! 

FreeBitcoins affiliates can earn coins every minute or faster, depending on how active your users are. Joining our affiliate system is quick and easy; check out this 30-second video:

Start learning how to trade Bitcoin, Avalanche, and other altcoin cryptocurrencies for free by using our free faucet and our low-cost altcoin exchange. The altcoin exchange pairs buyers with sellers from all around the world. It’s honestly a pretty fantastic experience, and it’s what we think makes cryptocurrency so powerful and secure.

Recommended blog: Can I really earn free Bitcoins in 2022?

Return to the FreeBitcoins homepage.


Embr.Finance The New Defi Exchange On Avalanche Launches Tomorrow

Embr.Finance is due to launch its new Defi exchange tomorrow (December 15, 2021). We plan to list the AVAX Freebitcoins (FREE) token on their platform. Currently, FREE is only tradeable on Pangolin, but after the Embr launch… our little FREE token will be tradeable on two Defi exchanges and the centralized altcoin exchange.

Embr aims to provide another Defi exchange for users to have the option of trading on while using the Avalanche Network. Embr aims to offer

Where can I find more details about Embr Finance and their NFT?

The best news place to get information about Embr is Avalanche.Today. Specifically, the main article for the EMBR stuff is found here.

You will also need to establish an account on Avaware.Network if you are interested in purchasing one of the Embr NFTs. The Embr NFTs aren’t just art; they come loaded with 1,000 EMBR.

The 1,000 EMBR will be redeemable whenever the Defi exchange is launched tomorrow.

Pre-Sale NFTs – December 8 Until Sold Out

250 Avalanche Friend NFTs will be available on Avaware.Network, and as I said, each Embry NFT is loaded with 1,000 EMBR and costs 500 AUSD. Users will notice a ‘CLAIM’ button that appears in their wallet once the Liquidity Bootstrapping event completes on the 17th.

So far, 111 of the 250 Embr NFTs have been sold!

Embr.Finance Liquidity Bootstrapping – December 15 through December 16

Embr. Finance’s app should be live on December 15. There will be a dutch style auction where the price starts at $1.70 and reduces as Embr is purchased. When the bootstrapping pool is complete, an AUSD/EMBR 80/20 pool will be one of the first rewarded pairs. We recommend you mint AUSD to be prepared.

Avaware Launchpad IFO – Starts December 20 For 60 Days

The Avaware.Network Launchpad IFO will let AVE holders get their slice of 250k Embr. The Embr will be available to be farmed by AVE holders on December 20. So to prepare, make sure you have your AVE ready to be staked in the Launchpool before December 20!

Embr.Finance’s app should be live on December the 15th. There will be a dutch style auction where the price starts at $1.70 and goes reduces as Embr is purchased. When the bootstrapping pool is complete there will be an AUSD/EMBR 80/20 pool that will be one of the first rewarded pairs. We recommend you mint AUSD to be prepared.

Avaware Launchpad IFO – Starts Dec 20th For 60 Days

The Avaware.Network Launchpad IFO will let AVE holders get their slice of 250k Embr. The Embr will be available to be farmed by AVE holders on Dec. 20th. To prepare make sure you have your AVE ready to be staked in the Launchpool before Dec 20th!

Be sure to check out the arbitrage trading opportunities between FREE using our exchange and selling on Defi exchanges (Pangolin and Embr). Tokenomics for FREE can be found on this page.

Good luck!


Trade Curecoins For Bitcoin On The Free Bitcoins Exchange (XChange)

FreeBitcoins is happy to announce that our Curecoin exchange is now live for trading. We allow users from all over the world to trade Curecoin with Bitcoin and not violate their privacy while doing so! Users will soon be able to earn free Curecoin from our Faucet, and this will allow anyone to try our altcoin exchange for free. Of course, people are still invited to use our Faucet, then use those faucet proceeds to buy Curecoin. – No KYC. Bitcoin pairs only. No fiat or stable coins. Allows Curecoin traders to exchange within the cryptocurrency world and maintain a certain level of their privacy due to no KYC. No KYC protects users from data leaks and allows users to use our site despite being too poor or mentally challenged to get a proper ID or home data. Those are people that aims to help. – Bittrex is a long-standing Altcoin exchange I have personally used for years. Their website isn’t terrible, but it runs a little “clunky.” Bittrex requires KYC. This means they want your social security, ID, and information about your home (electric bill, etc.). They only offer a Bitcoin market for Curecoin, but after you have Bitcoin on Bittrex, you can trade it for stablecoins and fiat. I’ve never used fiat on Bittrex, but their Bitcoin stuff has worked in the past. There are some fairly negative reports about Bittrex freezing customers’ money and demanding info (picture).

Earn Curecoin Inviting Friends (FreeBitcoins Affiliate Program)- 50% For Life On Trade Fees!

Another great thing about is our affiliate system. After you sign up, you can visit the link above and find your unique URL link when you share this link with others and they signup on our website. You will earn 50% of all of their trade fees and 100% on any faucet hit your affiliate hits.

Affiliates are paid a commission split for the lifetime of their signups.

Affiliates earn 100% of all faucet hits. EXAMPLE: If your signup earns 0.01 CLAM from our Faucet. You will make 0.01 CLAM too.

Affiliates earn 50% of all Swap fees. EXAMPLE: If your signup trades 1 Bitcoin on Swap. You will earn 0.005 BTC due to trade fees being 1% on Swap.

Affiliates earn 50% of all XChange fees. EXAMPLE: If your signup trades 1 Bitcoin on XChange. You will earn 0.001 BTC due to trade fees being 0.2% on XChange.

You can find free affiliate banners to use in combination with your affiliate link at this blog post:


How To Earn Free Avalanche (AVAX) Using FreeBitcoins Faucet?

Avalanche (AVAX) is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies in 2021 and 2022. is honored to be able to give out free AVAX to our users for several months now. This blog post hopefully will teach you how to easily use our website, earn your own AVAX, and withdrawal them!

1. Create your FreeBitcoins XChange account.


You will need to create an account on the FreeBitcoins exchange (which we call XChange in honor of the creator of it.) Our XChange is a full-service altcoin exchange with a Bitcoin-only base. There are no stable coins or fiat on our XChange. This allows users to have a bit of privacy while trading in the “Cryptocurrency world”. signup page to register a new account.  Accounts are then able to use the FreeBitcoins faucet to earn free Avalanche (AVAX) and AVAX tokens. signup page to register a new account. Accounts are then able to use the FreeBitcoins faucet to earn free Avalanche (AVAX) and AVAX tokens.

2. New accounts must wait 24 hours before they are able to use the FreeBitcoins AVAX faucet.

This allows our team to prevent abuse before the abuse happens. We constantly monitor new registered accounts. This is a good time for users to check our beautiful affiliate system and register their second accounts.

We allow users to have one main account and one self-affiliated account. This allows users to see our system work for themselves, but prevents us from being over run by just a few users with 10,000 accounts.

3. Use the FreeBitcoins AVAX faucet for the first time and earn free AVAX using FreeBitcoins!


If your FreeBitcoins account is 24 hours old, then you are ready to try our AVAX faucet!

**The number one error we see on our faucet is users typing their XChange name incorrectly. If your user name is “Brandon” on XChange, then you can’t type “brandon” on the faucet. Brandon and brandon are two totally different accounts because our website is CaSe SenSitIVe usernames for additional security, so please be sure to keep that in mind during this step.**

1. Solve the “I am human” captcha at the top of the page.
2. Enter your username (correctly).
3. Click “Get Avalanche”

Follow these steps on the FreeBitcoins faucet to earn the cryptocurrency Avalanche (AVAX) for free.  These free coins are deposited directly into your XChange account on the FreeBitcoins altcoin exchange.
Follow these steps on the FreeBitcoins faucet to earn the cryptocurrency Avalanche (AVAX) for free. These free coins are deposited directly into your XChange account on the FreeBitcoins altcoin exchange.

Check to make sure you received the free Avalanche into your altcoin exchange account on!


If you scroll to the bottom of the “Deposit” page you should be able to see your free AVAX faucet drip.



What happened to

What happened to
What happened to in 2021? tl;dr exit scam! was a long-running Bitcoin faucet that disappeared overnight in 2021. Users that had funds or affiliates on should consider everything lost. We hate that this happens. was a major affiliate for as well.

Why Did exit scam?

We don’t know why exit scammed their users and affiliates. They didn’t even bother to make a closing notice for us!

My bet would be that they had earned enough and Bitcoin prices skyrocketed. Those two mixers made a “fuck it” attitude and that is likely what lead to the exit scam.

Or perhaps they got in a horrible accident and died. Who knows!!!!!!

What should users and affiliates do now?

You should find the next best Bitcoin and altcoin faucet in 2022!

We maybe bias, but we think that is one of the best faucet and affiliate programs in this age of cryptocurrency.

The other favorite faucet is:

Please take a chance to browse our website and give us feedback.

Sorry if you lost very much on the scam.


Freebitcoins Guide For The Avalanche Discord Tip Service Called Tip.Blue

What is Tip.Blue?

Tip.Blue is a new service built by some of the same team that has built other projects on the Avalanche network as well.

Tip.Blue allows users to tip each other cryptocurrency using just their Discord accounts. These offline tips reduce blockchain spam and reduce the massive fees that can incur by making an on-chain transfer.

Using Tip.Blue allows users to move a micro amount of AVAX or AVAX tokens fast and easily. This is perfect for old Avalanche users or brand new users that have never used cryptocurrency before.

How can I start earning Avalanche and AVAX token tips using Tip.Blue?

First off, you must have a Discord account.

Then visit and authorize your account.

That’s it! You’re ready to start earning tips on the Avalanche network. This website is absolutely better than even the AVAX faucet we offer earn on! (I still recommend getting some free Avalanche from the faucet, but this Tip bot is really good.)

Does Tip.Blue have an affiliate system (invite a friend program)?

Tip.Blue does not have an affiliate system at this time. I don’t think that there is an affiliate system in the plans at this time. Most users on the Tip.Blue platforms are generous with tips and this tends to make affiliating a bit more difficult anyways.

Affiliates should be sure to check out the cryptocurrency affiliate system here on More details can be found here:

Is there anything else I can do to earn free tokens or coins by using Tip.Blue

One last thing you should do to get some free Avalanche or free BLUE tokens from Tip.Blue is to join their Discord chat:

The Tip.Blue Discord chat has been known to have some crazy tip wars and tip rain storms. Join and say sent you… We might send you some Freebitcoins (FREE) tokens!

You can also follow Tip.Blue’s Twitter here:

This is the Tip.Blue logo.  Start tipping on Discord using this new service that is built on the Avalanche network.
This is the Tip.Blue logo. Start tipping on Discord using this new service that is built on the Avalanche network.