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  • Ethereum deposit and withdrawal fees lowered

    We have lowered our exchanges Ethereum deposit and withdrawal fees to 0.0025 ETH each. For more details please be sure to check our altcoin exchanges FAQ: https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/faq

  • freebitcoins token fbtc

    This is the announcement page for FreeBitcoins Token (FBTC). FreeBitcoins Token is an altcoin that is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. Half of all the FreeBitcoins Token (FBTC) can be earned for free here. FreeBitcoins Token (FBTC) can be bought and sold with Bitcoin here. FBTC Token Bitcointalk thread is here. Distribution The launch supply of…

  • Alternative Currency? – Here’s How To Make Your Own

    Alternative Currency? – Here’s How To Make Your Own

    For those interested in cryptocurrencies, you can create your own cryptocurrency. Of course, it won’t be worth anything just yet but in the future, if you succeed, you’ll have a valuable crypto-currency that will be impossible to replicate. There are various ways to participate such as by mining or investing in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).…

  • FreeBitcoins Token Coming Soon

    FreeBitcoins.com is pleased to announce that we will soon be dropping our very own Ethereum token! The creation of this token will allow us to easily distribute tokens for free to users all over the world through the use of our free cryptocurrency tool. Users will be able to receive FreeBitcoins.com Token for absolutely free…

  • Ethereum (ETH) and Florincoin (FLO) added to FreeBitcoins.com again

    FreeBitcoins.com has listed Ethereum (ETH) and Florincoin (FLO) back to all three main sections of our website. Effective immediately, users are able to use FreeBitcoins exchange to trade ETH and FLO with Bitcoin. https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/market/Ethereum https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/market/Florincoin Users can earn free Florincoin from our cryptocurrency faucet and start trading today: https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/market/Florincoin Thank you for using FreeBitcoins.com!

  • Clamcoin a proof of stake coin that is older than Ethereum is up 34%

    Too Long, Didn’t Read; CLAM older than Ethereum (ETH). CLAM just surpassed DOGE price per coin. Big exchange Bittrex, Circle, Poloniex blame CLAM for their problems. CLAM is a proof-of-stake coin, which means CLAMS are like digital miners and secure the network + generate income. CLAM distributed to DOGE, LTC, & BTC hodlers, so CLAM…

  • Guides To Choose Your Wallet For Beginner’s

    Guides To Choose Your Wallet For Beginner’s

    I will explain why you can use Bitcoin anonymously and talk about the different types of software, mobile and hardware wallets, including Bitcoin wallets for mobile phones, desktop and desktop computers. Mobile Bitcoin Wallet is specifically designed for mobile phones and offers several features that must be considered when verifying bitcoin wallets. A popular Bitcoin…

  • The Best Cryptocurrency Casino For Free Bitcoins In 2021

    The Best Cryptocurrency Casino For Free Bitcoins In 2021

    The best online casino to earn free Bitcoins in 2021 is DrBTC.com. Get free bitcoins simply by chatting in their chat box or earn free bonus spins while playing the cryptocurrency slot machines. DrBTC.com also offers traditional Bitcoin dice games and the dice game can be played with other altcoins offered by DrBTC.com. You can…