Come partecipare al programma di affiliazione di FreeBitcoins 50% Rev Share offre una quota di compartecipazione alle entrate del 50% per tutta la vita. Anche ricevere il tuo link di affiliazione è semplice. Si prega di seguire questi passaggi:

  1. Registra il tuo account su:
  2. Quindi fare clic sul nome utente in alto a destra dello schermo o fare clic su questo collegamento:
  3. Dovresti vedere qualcosa che assomiglia a:

Questo è il tuo link di affiliazione. Quando le persone fanno clic su quel link e si registrano, diventano i tuoi affiliati. Guadagnerai il 50% delle loro commissioni di scambio per tutto il tempo in cui i nostri siti saranno aperti.

Le commissioni vengono elaborate automaticamente e pagate ogni 15 minuti per gli affiliati! È molto semplice e progettato da affiliati per gli affiliati.



How To Join FreeBitcoins 50% Rev Share Affiliate Program offers a 50% trade revenue share for life. Receiving your affiliate link is simple as well. Please follow these steps:

1. Register your account on:

2. Then click your user name in the top right of the screen or click this link:

3. You should see something that looks like:

This is your affiliate link. When people click that link and register, they become your affiliate. You will earn 50% of their trade fees for the entire time our sites open.

We also pay 100% on faucet hits. If your affiliate earns 10 satoshi’s… you will as well!

Commissions are automatically processed and paid every 15 minutes for affiliates! It’s very very smooth and designed by affiliates for affiliates.



Free Bitcoin Faucet‘s free Bitcoin faucet allows users to earn a small amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for proving that they aren’t a robot. The captcha system we use is our own customer captcha. This allows Tor users to solve a single puzzle and earn their free cryptocurrency… normally Recaptcha is basically unusable for tor users.

You will first need to register an account on our exchange:

Then enter your username in the FreeBitcoins faucet (solve the captcha at the top first):

You should then be able to see your faucet deposit on your deposit page as well as on your balance page. (these links only work if you’re already signed into your XChange account)

The Bitcoin withdrawal fee is relatively high and would take some time to build a large enough balance, but luckily, there are plenty of altcoins on our exchange at record lows with cheap withdrawals! I recommend checking out CLAMCOIN as an option to withdraw a single faucet hit from our website and learn how to use the blockchain on your own for free without needing testnet coins! Clam directly plugs into still.

Good luck and have fun!


No KYC Prevents Your Private Info From Being Sold or Hacked

No KYC is often labeled as “money laundering,” but I believe that is very far from the truth. No KYC means that you can rest easy that isn’t going to lose your data in a hack or sell your data in a deal to people you don’t know. We can’t do anything with something we don’t have.

You can withdraw your cryptocurrency, but you can never withdraw your private information after giving it out.

KYC is an integral part of money, and I believe it likely should be at that door of finance. FreeBitcoins exchange deals strictly with Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies… these “coins” can NOT be considered money for the sake of the general public safety. Imagine if you took a loan for a home in 2015 for Bitcoin? That can’t be money. Bitcoin and crypto serve a different purpose than “money”.

These internet coins are not mature enough for a mature market that handles personal information within the banking scope. The coins themselves are built with security in mind and are easy to navigate securely. The complex side is meeting someone safely to trade. Good security is as good for a bad guy as it is for a good guy. There are many scammers in Cryptocurrency because of the irreversible properties of crypto. That is where FreeBitcoins helps everyone involved in Cryptocurrency and allows two traders to meet on our site safely. Banks need to continue to do their job successfully, which we believe that they do and we will focus on doing our job successfully.

Unfortunately, this means that FreeBitcoins does not have any markets in any country’s fiats or any markets that mimic fiats (stablecoins, tokens, etc.). Users are welcome to withdraw their Cryptocurrency from FreeBitcoins at any point to an exchange that is willing to trade those markets!

You can rest easy if you use that your information will not be sold or hacked using our service.






우리의 거래소를 통해 비트 코인을 위해 익명으로 Dogecoins 판매

무료 비트 코인 교환을 통해 사용자는 KYC없이 빠르고 안전하게 비트 코인 (BTC) 용 도지 코인 (DOGE)을 사고 팔 수 있습니다. 최근 DOGE에 대한 수요로 인해 우리 책이 거의 완전히 매진되었습니다! DOGE에 대한 이러한 수요는 비트 코인을 DOGE로 교환하여 2021 년만큼 쉬 웠던 적이 없습니다! 우리의 가입은 매우 빠르고 침략적이지 않습니다 (계정에 이메일을 첨부 할 필요도 없지만 비밀번호를 재설정해야하는 경우에 권장합니다!)

인출은 거의 즉각적입니다. 입금은 15 초 이내에 확인되며 올바르게 계산됩니다. 질문이있는 경우 채팅에 고객 지원이 실시간으로 제공됩니다!

계정에 대한 인출 한도도 없습니다. 1,000,000 DOGE를 입금하면 확인 후 1,000,000 DOGE를 인출 할 수 있습니다. (DOGE에는 10 개의 확인이 필요합니다. 여기에서 수수료 등에 대한 자세한 내용을 확인할 수 있습니다 :

FreeBitcoins 교환 플러그는 수도꼭지에 직접 연결됩니다 : 현재 사용 가능한 DOGE 잔액이있는 경우 수도꼭지는 히트 당 2 개의 Dogecoin을 제공합니다.

우리 웹 사이트에서 곧 거래를 뵙기를 바랍니다!





帐户也没有提款限制。如果您存入1,000,000 DOGE …,确认后您将可以提取1,000,000 DOGE。 (DOGE需要10确认,您可以在这里阅读有关我们费用的更多信息:




Venda Dogecoins de forma anónima por bitcoins con nuestro intercambio

El intercambio gratuito de Bitcoins permite a los usuarios comprar y vender Dogecoin (DOGE) por Bitcoin (BTC) de forma rápida y segura sin KYC. ¡La reciente demanda de DOGE ha provocado que nuestros libros se agoten casi por completo! ¡Esta demanda de DOGE está impulsando el intercambio de DOGE por Bitcoin para que nunca haya sido tan fácil como 2021! Nuestro registro es extremadamente rápido y no invasivo (ni siquiera es necesario que adjunte un correo electrónico a su cuenta, aunque le recomendamos que lo haga en caso de que necesite restablecer su contraseña).

Los retiros son casi instantáneos. Los depósitos se ven en 15 segundos y se cuentan correctamente. ¡La atención al cliente está en vivo en el chat en caso de que tenga una pregunta!

Tampoco hay límites de retiro de cuentas. Si deposita 1,000,000 DOGE… podrá retirar 1,000,000 DOGE después de que se confirme. (DOGE requiere 10 confirmaciones, puede leer más sobre nuestras tarifas y demás aquí:

FreeBitcoins intercambia enchufes directamente en nuestro grifo también: Nuestro grifo actualmente da 2 Dogecoins por golpe si hay un saldo DOGE disponible.

¡Esperamos verte operar en nuestro sitio web pronto!


Продавайте Dogecoins анонимно за биткойны на нашей бирже

Бесплатная биржа биткойнов позволяет пользователям покупать и продавать Dogecoin (DOGE) за биткойны (BTC) быстро и безопасно, без KYC. Недавний спрос на DOGE фактически привел к тому, что наши книги почти полностью распроданы! Этот спрос на DOGE делает обмен DOGE на Биткойн еще никогда не был таким простым, как 2021 год! Наша регистрация выполняется очень быстро и не требует вмешательства (вам даже не нужно прикреплять электронное письмо к своей учетной записи, хотя мы рекомендуем сделать это на случай, если вам понадобится сбросить пароль!)

Вывод средств происходит практически мгновенно. Депозиты видны в течение 15 секунд и считаются правильно. Служба поддержки работает в чате, если у вас есть вопросы!

По счетам также нет лимитов на снятие средств. Если вы внесете 1000000 DOGE… вы сможете снять 1000000 DOGE после подтверждения. (DOGE требует 10 подтверждений, вы можете узнать больше о наших сборах и тому подобном здесь:

Обмен FreeBitcoins также подключается непосредственно к нашему крану: В настоящее время наш кран выдает 2 Dogecoins за обращение, если доступен баланс DOGE.

Надеемся вскоре увидеть, как вы торгуете на нашем сайте!


Venda Dogecoins anonimamente por Bitcoins com nossa troca

A troca gratuita de Bitcoins permite que os usuários comprem e vendam Dogecoin (DOGE) por Bitcoin (BTC) de forma rápida e segura, sem KYC. A demanda recente por DOGE fez com que nossos livros quase se esgotassem completamente! Essa demanda por DOGE está levando a troca de DOGE por Bitcoin a nunca foi tão fácil quanto 2021! Nossa inscrição é extremamente rápida e não invasiva (você nem precisa anexar um e-mail à sua conta, embora recomendamos que o faça caso precise redefinir sua senha!)

As retiradas são quase instantâneas. Os depósitos são vistos em 15 segundos e contam corretamente. O suporte ao cliente está ao vivo no chat, caso você tenha alguma dúvida!

Também não há limites de retirada de contas. Se você depositar 1.000.000 DOGE… você poderá sacar 1.000.000 DOGE após a confirmação. (DOGE requer 10 confirmações, você pode ler mais sobre nossas taxas aqui:

FreeBitcoins troca plugues diretamente em nossa torneira também: Nossa torneira atualmente dá 2 Dogecoins por acerto se houver um saldo DOGE disponível.

Esperamos ver você negociando em nosso site em breve!


Sell Dogecoins Anonymously For Bitcoins With Our Exchange

Free Bitcoins exchange allows users to buy and sell Dogecoin (DOGE) for Bitcoin (BTC) fast and secure with no KYC. Recent demand for DOGE has actually caused our books to almost completely sell out! This demand for DOGE is driving exchanging DOGE for Bitcoin to have never been as easy as 2021! Our signup is extremely fast and not invasive (you aren’t even required to attach an email to your account, although, we recommend you do in case you need to reset your password!)

Withdraws are near-instant. Deposits are seen within 15 seconds and count correctly. Customer support is live in chat in case you have a question!

There are also no withdraw limits on accounts. If you deposit 1,000,000 DOGE… you will be able to withdraw 1,000,000 DOGE after it confirms. (DOGE requires 10 confirmations, you can read more about our fees and such here:

FreeBitcoins exchange plugs directly into our faucet as well: Our faucet currently gives 2 Dogecoins per hit if there is a DOGE balance available.

We hope to see you trading on our website soon!