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  • FreeBitcoins Exchange and Faucet Is Adding Chia Blockchain

    FreeBitcoins Exchange and Faucet Is Adding Chia Blockchain

    FreeBitcoins.com announced today our intent to add the Chia Blockchain to FreeBitcoins on or around May 3, 2021. Free Bitcoins will be listing Chia to our altcoin exchange, faucet, & swap tool. XChange allows users to be able to buy and sell Chia with Bitcoin using our full-service altcoin exchange. The Faucet will allow users to earn a small amount…

  • Can I use Wasabi Wallet? Yes!

    Yes! FreeBitcoins.com loves users that use Wasabi Wallet for both deposits and withdrawals. We will never bother a user for using a privacy-based wallet with our Exchange or Swap Tool. We think privacy is something that is becoming more scarce by the day and we think taking the proper steps to protect your privacy is…

  • FreeBitco.in Review

    FreeBitcoin In is one of the most successful Bitcoin faucets in the world. FreeBitco in has a history of always processing withdrawals as agreed. Being able to withdraw your free coins is the most important process of the user’s experience. Here is the link to FreeBitco in, a great website to use while you use…

  • HIVE deposits and withdrawals are now active again

    Users are now welcome to deposit and withdrawal their HIVE coins freely. We apologize for the downtime. HIVE is a strange beast to say the least. Happy blogging!

  • Wownero Faucet Refilled

    Today we refilled our Wownero faucet! Users can easily earn free Wownero (WOW) by first registering on our exchange and then using our faucet to send the WOW directly to our exchange account with us. Users can either build up enough balance to withdraw the Wownero coins to their own wallet or users can trade…

  • Bug Bounty Payout

    On April 18th, 2021 we awarded a 200 CLAM bug bounty to a user that pointed out our ETH wallet would occasionally double pay withdrawals. The user was also told to keep the extra ETH from the withdraw. Thank you very much for your report! We pay bug bounties!

  • Bitcoin and Clamcoin Faucets Refilled

    Happy Easter! To celebrate, we’ve filled our Bitcoin and Clamcoin faucets with a small amount of cryptocurrency. https://freebitcoins.com/faucet/ BTC- https://blockstream.info/tx/42c3c3c02ee6db8bb359048db87077148a5bc69bf3e95013a0a9c7a60bfb08bf CLAM- https://freebitcoins.com/explorer/tx/c8aad33dfe4821fdb23f785892ef31ffd7ce390fe4561c31b6aedefa371bc530

  • Trade HIVE Cryptocurrency For Bitcoin With Us

    Trade HIVE Cryptocurrency For Bitcoin With Us

    FreeBitcoins now supports HIVE on our altcoin exchange. Users can trade their HIVE with Bitcoin and other altcoins. Fast withdraws and deposits that credit with 1 HIVE confirmation. https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/market/Bitcoin-Hive FreeBitcoins also has a 50% affiliate split for life on referred accounts. Join today: https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/profile/affiliate It only took us 4 months to add HIVE, so I…

  • נסו לזכות ביותר מ -5,000 דולר במטבעות קריפטוגרפיים פעמיים ביום בחינם

    ברז FreeBitcoins מאפשר למשתמשים להרוויח קריפטוגרפיה בחינם פעמיים ביום. התחלנו לשים לב למשתמשים שמשתמשים בברז Clamcoin (CLAM) שלנו עם Just-Dice בצורה מעניינת באמת שלדעתנו ראויה יותר תשומת לב. משיכת ה- CLAM המינימלית בבורסת FreeBitcoins היא 0.01 CLAM בלבד. התשלום הנוכחי על ברז FreeBitcoins הוא 0.02 CLAMS לכל מכה בברז. משמעות הדבר היא שמשתמשים יכולים להשתמש…

  • يكتسب نقود Free Bitcoins

    كسب المال عبر الإنترنت باستخدام FreeBitcoins.com. عش في أي مكان في العالم واكسب المال. تعلم كيفية استخدام موقعنا. التسجيل على: https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/ احصل على أموال مجانية يتم إرسالها مباشرة إلى حسابك باستخدام https://freebitcoins.com/faucet/ تعلم كيفية استخدام Cryptocurrency مجانًا.