Invite Friends To Free Bitcoins & Earn 50% On Trade Fees

When you invite a friend to’s exchange or swap tool and they sign-up or use the swap tool, you will earn 50% of all their trade fees for life! Joining the FreeBitcoins affiliate program is simple and fast as well. Follow these steps and start earning some cryptocurrency by being an affiliate marketer for!!

1. Register at:

2. Click the username in the top right of your screen or click:

3. Your affiliate link should look like:

Anyone that signs up after clicking your link will be credited to your account and you will earn 50% of all of their trade fees.

There is no limit to the number of accounts that you can sign up, so please dream big!

(Please do not spam your affiliate link! Thank you!)


如何加入FreeBitcoins 50%Rev Share会员计划

FreeBitcoins.com提供终身贸易收入份额的50%。 接收您的会员链接也很简单。 请按照以下步骤操作:




这是您的会员链接。 当人们单击该链接并进行注册时,他们将成为您的会员。 在我们打开网站的整个过程中,您将获得他们交易费用的50%。

佣金会自动处理,并每15分钟向会员支付一次! 非常流畅,由会员为会员设计。



Does Free Bitcoins have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, does have an affiliate system. You must first register an account with the Free Bitcoins altcoin exchange (XChange) in order to receive your affiliate link. (

After signing up, you will be able to join our affiliate system by following this link:

You can also find the affiliate link in your profile or in our footer.

Simply copy and paste that link from your affiliate profile to your friends. Every friend that registered through your link will earn you 50% of their trade fees and 100% of all faucet hits for the life of their account with us!!! (Fifty percent on XChange is 0.1% & Swap is 0.5% for affiliates at the moment.) If one of your users faucets 10 satoshi, you will instantly received 10 satoshi as well.

Trade fees for affiliates are paid every 15 minutes. Faucet pays are near instant. Affiliates can view their affiliate income deposits on their deposits page:

Here is a 30 second YouTube video showing our affiliate system being used: