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  • How To Get Free Dogecoins Using Free Bitcoins DOGE Faucet

    How To Get Free Dogecoins Using Free Bitcoins DOGE Faucet

    Using FreeBitcoins.com free faucet is a great way to earn a few free Dogecoins for yourself and learn how to trade Dogecoin with Bitcoin risk free! Our faucet gives users 2 Dogecoin each time the solve a small puzzle proving that they aren’t a robot. The dogecoins are directly deposited into the user’s “XChange account”…

  • My Pending Cash App Bitcoin Deposit Actually Got Approved In 24 Hours

    I was absolutely shocked this morning to see that my Cash App Bitcoin deposit from FreeBitcoins.com/xchange was actually approved and was waiting for me in my account! In the past, if Cash App flagged my transaction, it was basically an auto rejection. Cash App would ask for a Bitcoin address to send the refund to…

  • Five Legal and Illegal Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins In 2021

    Five Legal and Illegal Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins In 2021

    With Bitcoin exploding in popularity… people are naturally asking “How can I earn Bitcoin for free?!” Now earning Bitcoin for “free” is absolutely possible, but not always legal. In this article, I am going to cover a handful of ways that people around the world generate free Bitcoins for themselves. I’m in NO WAY condone…

  • Clamcoin (CLAM cryptocurrency) Blockchain Explorer Link

    Clamcoin (CLAM cryptocurrency) Blockchain Explorer Link

    FreeBitcoins now offers an in-house Clamcoin (CLAM) blockchain explorer that anyone is welcome to use. A blockchain explorer allows anyone to be able to view transactions on the CLAM blockchain. This is helpful for people trying to verify transactions or read the CLAM speech. The Clamcoin (CLAM) blockchain explorer is now located at: https://freebitcoins.com/explorer/

  • New Clamcoin (CLAM) Block Explorer On FreeBitcoins

    New Clamcoin (CLAM) Block Explorer On FreeBitcoins

    FreeBitcoins is happy to offer a working Clamcoin (CLAM) block explorer for everyone to use for free. We noticed in December 2020 that there wasn’t a single working CLAM explorer, so we set out to in-house our very own explorer for our users and others. The link to the new CLAM explorer is: https://freebitcoins.com/explorer/

  • Namecoin Price Increases 1650% On FreeBitcoins.com Exchange

    Namecoin Price Increases 1650% On FreeBitcoins.com Exchange

    The Namecoin exchange on FreeBitcoins.com saw some action today with the price surging 1650% due to limited liquidity and a semi-large buyer. Currently, the price of Namecoin on Coinmarketcap is 0.00002264 BTC. Currently, the price of Namecoin on FreeBitcoins exchange is 0.000035 BTC! We hope that this price difference leads to opportunities for traders to arbitrage.…

  • Научитесь играть с биткойнами и криптовалютой

    Изучение того, как размещать игры в казино, может быть одной из самых страшных вещей, связанных с посещением казино! Стоять за столом опытных ветеринаров, пытаясь понять, в чем разница между пропуском и запретом, просто ужасно! Криптовалюта и Биткойн позволяют игрокам научиться играть в эти игры без всякого давления со стороны людей, которые смотрят и смеются, пока…

  • Cara Menghasilkan Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Altcoin Gratis 2021

    Menghasilkan Bitcoin gratis semakin sulit karena Bitcoin terus melonjak nilainya. Untungnya, FreeBitcoins.com masih menawarkan faucet cryptocurrency gratis! “Faucet” ini memungkinkan pengguna memiliki sedikit cryptocurrency hanya dengan memecahkan captcha sederhana untuk membuktikan bahwa mereka bukan robot. Lebih suka video? Ini dia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RyG4X_sQE8 Langkah # 1: Jika Anda belum mendaftar untuk XChange, Anda akan diminta untuk melakukannya…

  • So verdienen Sie kostenlose Bitcoins & Kryptowährung Altcoins 2021

    Das Verdienen von kostenlosen Bitcoins wird immer schwieriger, da Bitcoin weiter an Wert gewinnt. Glücklicherweise bietet FreeBitcoins.com immer noch einen kostenlosen Kryptowährungshahn an! Dieser “Wasserhahn” ermöglicht es Benutzern, eine kleine Menge an Kryptowährung zu haben, indem sie einfach ein einfaches Captcha lösen, um zu beweisen, dass sie kein Roboter sind. Bevorzugen Sie ein Video? Los…

  • Withdraw fees lowered on XChange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Monero

    We have lowered the XChange withdrawal fees lowered for Bitcoin, ETH, & Monero. 0.0003 BTC0.0025 ETH0.001 XMR Swap still only deducts the exact miner fees. Thank you https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5111785.msg56188930#msg56188930