Guest Post Review Legal Marijuana Distilate THCO For $3 A Gram. Do It offers 20 grams of raw THCO distillate for $60. This breaks down to $3 a gram for a product that is 3x as strong as the distillate that requires a doctor’s note. THCO Order Guide:

This is what I recommend on how to order. 

Order two THCO 20gram for $60 each. This raises your order above the required amount to qualify for free shipping.

Order two 1 gram terps. Don’t be cheap on this step. offers decent terps, too, and they blend easily. Order 1 gram for each 20gram of raw THCO you get.

You should also order a few large gauge blunt tip syringes. These will be used to mix the product and load your vaporizer.

Blending your THCO with your terps:

Slow and steady is the key. I recommend using a heating pad. I also recommend that you always use the lid on the solutions you are heating.

Place your 20 grams of THCO inside the heating pad and place the 1gram of terps you intend on blending with it.

Allow the outside to heat for 20-30 minutes. Then add the liquid terps into the 20gram THCO. Stir with a 15 gauge blunt tip. Close the lid and let it heat for another 20-30 minutes.

What vaporizer works the best for THCO?

I like what Bolder does. “The Boulder Rock” cost about $20 to start. You’ll get one empty 2.5-gram tank with that. Then it’s $10 for two empty tanks going on from there.

One tank lasts about 3-5x longer than an average California distillate cart would last you. This shit is smoking!

Enjoy and good luck! I strongly recommend trying this. You’ll save a ton of money and you won’t go to jail.


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Yes! The faucet is legit. The balances of each faucet can be too low to send, but any faucet with a balance will be usable. You can also check our donations that we have received on any blockchain explorer. The blockchain explorer balance, won’t necessarily match the exact balance, but I believe the single deposit address balance gives donors confidence that their donation will be automatically credited to the balance after the proper amount of confirmations are reached.

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1. Your exchange (XChange) account must be 24 hours old. This gives me a chance to check new accounts as they roll in and preban abusers before they get a chance.

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