Affiliate Banners

This page is dedicated to providing affiliate banners that everyone is welcome to use.

How to join the affiliate marketing program?

Anyone can join the FreeBitcoins affiliate program and start inviting their friends today. Register at

Please do not spam or break local laws.

Is there a cap on how much affiliates can get paid, how fast and how long do I get paid?

There is no cap on how much affiliates can earn.

Affiliates are paid instantly for faucet hits and every 15 minutes for exchange trades (swaps as well).

Affiliates earn on their referrals for the life of the account.

How to post links on social media if banned? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more)

Social media loves banning links for no reason because of the large Twitter hacker. links work great, though.

To avoid FreeBitcoins bans, we recommend using a service like

The way we do it is to create two accounts and have the first account LinkTree account link over to the second LinkTree account; that is where the link is.

Example: links to

This allows us to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other websites that have banned for whatever reason! Fiery Banners:

FreeBitcoin Banner 120x240
FreeBitcoin fiery banner 125x125
125×125 Affiliate Banner 120x600
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970×90 affiliate and exchange banners:

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120x600 Join FreeBitcoin Affiliate Program
120x240 Exchange Affiliate Program
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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products.” According to

We give you a special link that is unique to your account. You share this link wherever you want as long as it’s legal. When people click your link, they become your affiliate. You will then earn from their accounts activity.

At the moment we pay 50% for trade fees on our altcoin exchange and swap. The faucet pays 100% of whatever free cryptocurrency they earn. Payouts for trading are every 15 minutes, but the faucet hits payout basically instantly. If your person earns 10 satoshi for free through the faucet, so will you. Easy as that!.

News Review

FreeBitcoin In is one of the most successful Bitcoin faucets in the world. FreeBitco in has a history of always processing withdrawals as agreed. Being able to withdraw your free coins is the most important process of the user’s experience.

Here is the link to FreeBitcoin In: Click
freebitco in review

We have been withdrawing from FreeBitcoin In since 2014. Never once has there been a problem. The automated weekly cashout always arrived on time.

FreeBitcoin In has processed almost 9,500,000 Bitcoins… You don’t have to believe me… verify it here:

This makes FreeBitcoin easily one of the largest Bitcoin services in the industry.

The faucet is extremely easy for users to use and is protected by Google Recaptcha.

As time went on Google Adsense banned Bitcoin faucets, so FreeBitcoin became more than just a faucet. Right now their Dice game has a house edge of 5%. This is about 5x the normal house edge in the cryptocurrency industry.

One reason FreeBitcoin is able to get away with such a high house edge is the huge giveaways the website offers. Users have a chance to win $32,500 every week, a Lambo every few months, and other lottery-style winnings. Winning a lottery or a lambo can easily knock that 5% house edge out if you get so lucky!

FreeBitcoin also offers a weighted gambling system that allows users to gamble against each other on large public events. It’s basically a sportsbook that allows the users to make the book against each other and the book takes a % off each bet.

FreeBitcoin has a strong affiliate program as well. Their affiliate system pays for faucet hits, gambling, token sales, and interest on balances earned. This pretty much covers their whole website as far as payment-wise from traffic. We’ve been a happy affiliate of since 2013.

We recommend using FreeBitcoin In while using our faucet on Good luck!

Here is the link to FreeBitcoin In: Click here

Here is a link to our faucet on Click here


Free Bitcoins Affiliate Program Improvements affiliate program received a massive upgrade this afternoon. Affiliates are now paid 100% of whatever their users earn from our cryptocurrency faucet. This means if a person signs up under your affiliate link and uses the faucet to earn 10 Bitcoin Satoshi’s… you will be credited with 10 Bitcoin Satoshi’s instantly as well!

Here are the full details for our affiliate program:

Affiliates are paid a commission split for the lifetime of their signups.

Affiliates earn 100% of all faucet hits. EXAMPLE: If your signup earns 0.01 CLAM from our Faucet. You will earn 0.01 CLAM too.

Affiliates earn 50% of all Swap fees. EXAMPLE: If your signup trades 1 Bitcoin on Swap. You will earn 0.005 BTC due to trade fees being 1% on Swap.

Affiliates earn 50% of all XChange fees. EXAMPLE: If your signup trades 1 Bitcoin on XChange. You will earn 0.001 BTC due to trade fees being 0.2% on XChange.

Payments are processed every 15 minutes and deposited into your XChange account.

Note: Single satoshi trades fees and fee rounding are always credited to XChange

Start earning with the FreeBitcoins brand!

FreeBitcoin Marketing Affiliate Banner 300x250

You can view more of our affiliate banners for marketing on this webpage.

Signup and become a FreeBitcoins affiliate in 30 seconds: Click Here

Here is a video of me signing up:

We also recommend the affiliate system on FreeBitcoin In!


Can I use Cash App with FreeBitcoins?

Yes, users can use Cash App to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins from Simply use the Bitcoin network to move coins between CashApp and FreeBitcoins.

Cash App allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin for fiat easily. I personally use Cash App and it has worked fairly well so far.

You can get $10 for free by signing up for Cash App using any link on this page:


Invite Friends To Free Bitcoins & Earn 50% On Trade Fees

When you invite a friend to’s exchange or swap tool and they sign-up or use the swap tool, you will earn 50% of all their trade fees for life! Joining the FreeBitcoins affiliate program is simple and fast as well. Follow these steps and start earning some cryptocurrency by being an affiliate marketer for!!

1. Register at:

2. Click the username in the top right of your screen or click:

3. Your affiliate link should look like:

Anyone that signs up after clicking your link will be credited to your account and you will earn 50% of all of their trade fees. You will also earn 100% of whatever they faucet.

If they faucet 5 FreeBitcoins Tokens, you will earn 5 FBTC as well!

There is no limit to the number of accounts that you can sign up, so please dream big!

(Please do not spam your affiliate link! Thank you!)


Come partecipare al programma di affiliazione di FreeBitcoins 50% Rev Share offre una quota di compartecipazione alle entrate del 50% per tutta la vita. Anche ricevere il tuo link di affiliazione è semplice. Si prega di seguire questi passaggi:

  1. Registra il tuo account su:
  2. Quindi fare clic sul nome utente in alto a destra dello schermo o fare clic su questo collegamento:
  3. Dovresti vedere qualcosa che assomiglia a:

Questo è il tuo link di affiliazione. Quando le persone fanno clic su quel link e si registrano, diventano i tuoi affiliati. Guadagnerai il 50% delle loro commissioni di scambio per tutto il tempo in cui i nostri siti saranno aperti.

Le commissioni vengono elaborate automaticamente e pagate ogni 15 minuti per gli affiliati! È molto semplice e progettato da affiliati per gli affiliati.



كيفية الانضمام إلى FreeBitcoins 50٪ Revenue Share Affiliate Program

تقدم حصة 50٪ من عائدات التجارة مدى الحياة. الحصول على رابط الإحالة الخاص بك أمر بسيط أيضًا. الرجاء اتباع هذه الخطوات:

  1. سجل حسابك على:
  2. ثم انقر فوق اسم المستخدم الخاص بك في الجزء العلوي الأيمن من الشاشة أو انقر فوق هذا الارتباط:
  3. يجب أن ترى شيئًا يشبه:؟aKey=8a9fe218be0db1d79a6c0acba04fbdc4e0ed1bf8

هذا هو الرابط التابع الخاص بك. عندما ينقر الأشخاص على هذا الرابط ويسجلون ، يصبحون تابعين لك. ستكسب 50٪ من رسوم التجارة طوال الوقت الذي تفتح فيه مواقعنا.

تتم معالجة العمولات تلقائيًا ودفعها كل 15 دقيقة للشركات التابعة! إنه سلس للغاية ومصمم بواسطة الشركات التابعة للشركات التابعة.



כיצד להצטרף לתוכנית השותפים של FreeBitcoins 50% Rev מציעה נתח הכנסות מסחר של 50% לכל החיים. קבלת קישור השותפים שלך היא גם פשוטה. אנא בצע את השלבים הבאים:

  1. רשום את חשבונך בכתובת:
  2. לאחר מכן לחץ על שם המשתמש שלך בפינה השמאלית העליונה של המסך או לחץ על קישור זה:
  3. אתה אמור לראות משהו שנראה כמו:

זהו קישור השותפים שלך. כשאנשים לוחצים על קישור זה ונרשמים, הם הופכים להיות שותפים שלך. אתה מרוויח 50% מדמי הסחר שלהם במשך כל הזמן שהאתרים שלנו נפתחים.

העמלות מעובדות ומשולמות אוטומטית כל רבע שעה עבור שותפים! זה מאוד מאוד חלק ומעוצב על ידי שלוחות לסניפים.



Как присоединиться к партнерской программе FreeBitcoins 50% Rev Share предлагает пожизненную долю дохода от торговли в размере 50%. Получить партнерскую ссылку тоже просто. Пожалуйста, выполните следующие действия:

  1. Зарегистрируйте свою учетную запись на сайте:
  2. Затем щелкните свое имя пользователя в правом верхнем углу экрана или щелкните эту ссылку:
  3. Вы должны увидеть что-то вроде:

Это ваша партнерская ссылка. Когда люди переходят по этой ссылке и регистрируются, они становятся вашим партнером. Вы будете получать 50% от их торговых сборов за все время работы наших сайтов.

Комиссии автоматически обрабатываются и выплачиваются каждые 15 минут для аффилиатов! Он очень удобен и разработан аффилированными лицами для аффилированных лиц.



Como participar do programa de afiliados com participação de 50% nos lucros da FreeBitcoins oferece 50% de participação nas receitas de comércio vitalício. Receber seu link de afiliado também é simples. Siga estas etapas:

  1. Registre sua conta em:
  2. Em seguida, clique em seu nome de usuário no canto superior direito da tela ou clique neste link:
  3. Você deve ver algo parecido com:

Este é o seu link de afiliado. Quando as pessoas clicam nesse link e se registram, elas se tornam suas afiliadas. Você receberá 50% de suas taxas comerciais durante todo o tempo em que nossos sites estiverem abertos.

As comissões são processadas automaticamente e pagas a cada 15 minutos para os afiliados! É muito suave e projetado por afiliados para afiliados.