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  • Chiacoin (CHIA) Exchange and Free Faucet

    Chiacoin (CHIA) Exchange and Free Faucet

    FreeBitcoins.com is happy to support Chiacoin (CHIA) on all of our tools: Exchange (XChange), Faucet, and Swap! Earn free CHIA from our Faucet and have the coins deposited directly into your XChange account. You can then build your CHIA balance up until you can sell the CHIA for Bitcoin or withdraw the CHIA via the…

  • Chia Coin Faucet Will Be Live Tomorrow

    FreeBitcoins Chia coin faucet will be live tomorrow. Today we completed our Chia exchange listing, which is the core part of how our faucet works. When the Chia faucet is live tomorrow users will be able to simply have free Chia deposited directly into their FreeBitcoins exchange account. I will post an update and more…

  • FreeBitcoins Is The First USA Exchange To List A Chia Market

    FreeBitcoins Is The First USA Exchange To List A Chia Market

    We are proud to announce that FreeBitcoins.com’s exchange is the first United States based cryptocurrency exchange to list Chia coin! Chia trading is now live on our “XChange”. Users are able to buy or sell Chia in exchange with Bitcoin using our markets. Deposits are credited after 20 confirmations. Most withdrawals are instant and there…

  • FreeBitcoins Chia (XCH) Exchange Is Now Live

    FreeBitcoins Chia (XCH) Exchange Is Now Live

    FreeBitcoins.com is proud to announce that our Chia exchange is now live. The Bitcoin / Chia market is available for both deposits and withdrawals. We believe FreeBitcoins.com is the first USA exchange to support Chia! Users that sign up on FreeBitcoins.com will get a free online wallet for their Chia as well. Chia requires 20…

  • No KYC Prevents Your Private Info From Being Sold or Hacked

    No KYC is often labeled as “money laundering,” but I believe that is very far from the truth. No KYC means that you can rest easy that FreeBitcoins.com isn’t going to lose your data in a hack or sell your data in a deal to people you don’t know. We can’t do anything with something…

  • FreeBitcoins Downtime 12-17-2020

    XChange suffered an outage today and our Bitcoin withdrawals were temporarily paused. We have fixed the issue with XChange and Bitcoin withdrawals are processing as normal again. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! Steven SteinerBayAreaCoinsFreeBitcoins.com

  • FreeBitcoins Supports Monero (XMR) On XChange, Swap & Faucet

    FreeBitcoins Supports Monero (XMR) On XChange, Swap & Faucet

    FreeBitcoins.com now officially supports Monero (XMR) on all of our services. Users are able to deposit, trade and withdraw XMR fast and easily. We allow people to get free Monero from our faucet. Users are then able to exchange their free Monero for Bitcoin using XChange. The Monero market can be located at: https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/market/Bitcoin-Monero Users that would rather not…

  • FreeBitcoins Adds Namecoin (NMC) On Faucet, Swap, & XChange

    Free Namecoin (NMC) faucet, swap tool and exchange (Xchange)

  • FreeBitcoins Exchange , XChange, Lists 42-Coin!

    FreeBitcoins Exchange , XChange, Lists 42-Coin!

    FreeBitcoins.com XChange now allows users to trade 42-Coin paired with Bitcoin on https://freebitcoins.com/xchange/market/Bitcoin-42-coin! Trading on XChange is free until at least 11-08-2020. Users that would rather not register an account and deal with a bid/ask are invited to check out Swap: https://freebitcoins.com/swap/ Trading cryptocurrency with cryptocurrency shouldn’t be a complicated or scary thing. Come trade…