The Best Exchanges To Buy & Sell Monero Anonymously In 2021

This article covers two Monero exchange services: and

Buying and Selling Monero Anonymously for Bitcoin and Money

Buying and selling Monero privately can be tricky in 2021. I want to focus on two crucial aspects of trading Monero: trading for fiat and the ability to trade for other cryptocurrencies. 

Monero has faced many exchange delistings for working to well, and frankly, I think any Exchange that delists Monero should be a HUGE red flag for users. People should avoid places that delist Monero.


I’ve not personally used LocalMonero yet, but I’ve spent a few hours browsing and researching. I have to say, I’m impressed, and I think it looks solid (at least from the outside.)

Websites like LocalMonero are great, but you need to exercise extreme caution when trading. Do not deal with reversible methods… even if the trader has GREAT feedback. Accounts get hacked all the time, and it’s just dangerous.

I absolutely plan on using LocalMonero in the near future.

MONERO TO BITCOIN (and other cryptocurrencies)

I firmly believe FreeBitcoins XChange is one of the best exchanges to safely trade Monero for Bitcoin fast. We don’t treat our customers like criminals. We value your privacy too. Monero has always been a good fit for our “Cryptocurrency Only” approach to our websites.

Users that would rather not register an account are able to trade on Swap Tool. The Swap Tool basically allows users to make market orders on XChange without registering an account. The liquidity is a little slim on XChange right now, so please use Swap carefully!

FreeBitcoins allows users to trade Monero to Bitcoin and then withdraw in a matter of minutes. Users can also trade those Bitcoins for other altcoins offered on FreeBitcoins as well.

The only drawback about FreeBitcoins at the moment is liquidity, but that will change as more of the Monero Community finds how user friendly and how well works.



You should NOT use LocalMonero or if you are involved with crimes. Both websites save your trade history and will likely give that history over if required due to a court order.

By Steven Steiner (BAC)

Steven Steiner is CEO of, President of MY LLC, & is also known as BayAreaCoins on Bitcointalk.

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