Ukrainians Are Using Free Bitcoins to Store Cryptocurrency Outside War

Ukrainian Usage Is Up On

It seems that many Ukrainian users have begun using the exchange deposit and withdrawal system to keep their cryptocurrency safely. Storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be complicated in a warzone, and being able to move fast is a crucial thing. Thankfully, Ukrainians still have internet and are still using cryptocurrency.

Recently I created a short one-minute YouTube video showing people how to create a wallet to deposit cryptocurrency into their FreeBitcoins account safely. It can be found here:

Can I Deposit And Withdraw Without Trading?

Yes, trading is not a requirement for using the system to store cryptocurrency on our systems temporarily.  

To see our fee structure for deposits and withdrawals, please view:

Pro Tip: Our Faucet Can Pay Some Or All Of Your Withdrawal Fees!

We here at are trying to live up to our name, and we have a functioning way for users to earn free cryptocurrency directly deposited into their exchange account. Since advertising a cryptocurrency-only service is extremely hard, we figured we would offer our users the most funds through our “faucet.”

Youtube video using the faucet: