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What is this place? Permalink is a Cryptocurrency faucet. We give out Cryptocurrency so that people can have a free opportunity to try using a cryptocurrency and blockchain. All you need is a Clamcoin wallet to get started. (You can also use to get a free online wallet.)

What is Clamcoin? Permalink

Clamcoin is a cryptocurrency & that's our business. We want to give the cheapest and best user experience possible for the lowest price. Bitcoin, as you may have noticed, is a bit costly to send at the moment & CLAM can easily be converted to Bitcoin. We send small payout transactions every minute (Clamcoin has one minute blocks compared to Bitcoin's 10 minute blocks).

Clamcoin is similar to Bitcoin, but with some unique changes. Clamcoin staking is like Bitcoin mining, but your CLAM are your miners - this only requires running a CLAM wallet. Clamcoin also has ClamSpeech: A comment can be attached to every transaction. This has opened up some interesting possibilities such as ClamNotary, with which you can prove that you had a particular file at a given time, and other such features as contributors continue to improve the open source project.

Using The Faucet Permalink

How often can I get coins? Permalink

You can get coins sent to your address every minute, hour, and day. Daily payouts are only available for logged in users.

When do I get my coins? Permalink

Payouts happen about once every minute.

Why can't I get hourly payouts? Permalink

You can get hourly payouts when you're logged in. You don't need to create an account; you can log in with a third-party service such as Twitter.

Why can't I get daily payouts? Permalink

You can get daily payouts if you've redeemed a daily payout access code for your address. You can redeem one on your address's page - the page you see after requesting a tip.

At this point, we're brainstorming ideas for the best way to distribute daily payout access codes to our users.

What good are drops? Permalink

Drops can add up to sizable amounts.

Though the amounts look small, our faucet pays much more per minute than Bitcoin faucets such as the highly popular MoonBitcoin faucet.

One clever thing we've seen users do is bet their drop payouts on Just-Dice, a CLAM gaming site. Here is an example of one user winning 9.8999 CLAM with a drop.

Why donate? Permalink

We have a unique way of handling donations. The ClamSpeech in your donation transaction is also used in payout transactions. The higher your donation amount, the more likely that it will be used. You can see how often each donation has been promoted this way via the Donate page.

For best results, use a ClamSpeech that is under 108 characters in length. If your ClamSpeech is longer than that, we will probably have to truncate it.

Why refer others? Permalink

Our referral system allows you to earn 100% commission on every tip that your referrals receive. There's no expiration either, so any time your referral gets a tip, you get a tip for the same amount. See the Referral Program page for details.

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What is ClamChecker? Permalink

Clamcoin was initially distributed to every Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin address that had non-dust funds on May 12, 2014. Each qualifying BTC, LTC and DOGE address was given 4.60545574 CLAMS free regardless of the address's balance, as long as it was above a "dust" (an amount too small to use) threshold. ClamChecker is our service that allows you to quickly "dig" those addresses and have BTC sent to you. Learn more at

How does ClamChecker work? Permalink

On the ClamChecker page, you fill in your Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin address. A message will appear if your address has no funds to dig. You then enter the private key of your address, and the Bitcoin address that you'd like to have your coins sent to.

After we handle the actual digging, you'll see a page that shows the status of your dig. When the payment is complete, you'll be able to see the transaction that your BTC were sent to you in.

How much is a dig worth? Permalink

It depends on the market rate of CLAM. You receive 3.5 CLAM worth of BTC for each dig, and the approximate amount of BTC that you'll receive is shown on the ClamChecker page. We take a service fee of 1.10545574 CLAM per dig.

If you've been referred by someone else, they'll receive 0.10545574 CLAM, which is taken out of our service fee.

We use payment processors to process dig payments. If they are unavailable when we dig your coins, we use a market order on the exchange with the highest 24-hour BTC/CLAM volume.

Is digging safe? Permalink

Before digging an address, you should empty it. Digging requires you to give us your address's private key. We don't store private keys, but it's safer to empty an address before sharing its private key with anyone.

What if I have an entire wallet to dig? Permalink

Try our wallet digging service! It has the same rules as regular digging, but it operates on your old wallet instead of your old address.

What is BCC digging? Permalink

On August 1, 2017, the Bitcoin blockchain split into two separate chains. The chain that broke off is called Bitcoin Cash (BCC). As a result, every Bitcoin address which had coins when the blockchain split has BCC that can be redeemed! We call this process "digging" because it's so similar to our existing Clamcoin-digging service.

We only offer this digging service for addresses with a balance above a certain threshold. You can check if your address qualifies risk-free with our BCC digging service. We charge 10% of your address's BCC balance as a fee.