Quick Start

All you need is your Clamcoin address to start getting referrals. Just add ?ref=YOUR_CLAM_ADDRESS or ?bonus=YOUR_CLAM_ADDRESS to any link for this site, and we'll know that whoever goes there was sent by you.

Whenever someone you referred gets a tip, we'll send you a tip as well. No waiting for commissions!


  • You get 100% commission every time someone you referred gets a tip.
  • If you refer someone who uses our address digging or wallet digging service, you will receive 0.10545574 CLAM for each address they dig.
  • You get paid in the same transaction that they get their payout in.
  • A referral lasts forever. Once somebody uses your referral link to get a tip, their address is associated with yours for referral purposes.
  • If someone doesn't request a tip for 90 days after following your referral link, they will not become your referral unless they visit your link again.
  • Although referrals are permanent after getting a tip, the last referral link that someone followed is applied when they first get a tip.
  • We use cookies to handle referrals.
  • All aspects of the referral system are subject to change.


All of the following URLs are valid referral links for the address x8sYw7BsxDUswNjiXLUYuPv9rNLCCZ4fog:

  • freebitcoins.com?ref=x8sYw7BsxDUswNjiXLUYuPv9rNLCCZ4fog
  • freebitcoins.com/?ref=x8sYw7BsxDUswNjiXLUYuPv9rNLCCZ4fog
  • freebitcoins.com/payouts/?ref=x8sYw7BsxDUswNjiXLUYuPv9rNLCCZ4fog
  • freebitcoins.com/payouts/?page=1&ref=x8sYw7BsxDUswNjiXLUYuPv9rNLCCZ4fog