General Question

Swap is FreeBitcoins’ new coin swapping tool.

Swap allows users to trade between cryptocurrencies without the need to sign up or make an account.
Swap allows you to avoid the hassles that are common throughout the cryptocurrency industry.
Swap also handles withdrawals.

This allows the customer to get their coins much faster.
To select the coin you want to deposit click the coin image under “Deposit”. To select the coin you want to purchase click the coin image under “Receive”. Enter receiving address in the space provided. We recommend providing an Emergency Address in the space provided.
Click “Open Trade”

Check that the receiving address you provided is correct. Deposit your coins to the address provided by Swap.

Swap will now complete your trade. You can check the status of the trade in real time. The final page will display a breakdown of your trade.
We are for microtransactions that are strictly cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, and we have nothing to do with fiat, stable fiat tokens or security-based tokens. Swap is not required to collect our customers’ personal data.

You can use our service with confidence that we will never take your coins first and then hold your coins hostage demanding your personal information, like some of our competitors.

Giving your personal information to people involved in Cryptocurrency is always a bad plan that can damage you for the rest of your life potentially. Read about Binance being "hacked" ;)
Each trade will be different because Swap uses precise market and network conditions at the time of the trade.
As markets and network fees are constantly fluctuating these numbers can’t be predicted.

Our system was built with our customers’ time in mind and we work hard to complete trades both quickly and economically.
Please use our calculator tool to get an estimate on your transaction at that time.
It can be found by clicking "CALCULATE" at the top of the Home page
All trades are final.
Just put in your withdraw address and target coin using HTML below to add the Swap button to your site!

Freebitcoins Swappy Button

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Freebitcoins Swappy Button" /></a>

Yes! We pay our affiliates 50% of all commission on Swap paid in Bitcoin.
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Bitcoin requires one confirmation. Average Bitcoin blocktimes are ten minutes.
Clamcoin requires six confirmations. Average Clamcoin blocktimes are one minute.
Dogecoin requires six confirmations. Average Dogecoin blocktimes are one minute.
Digibyte requires fifteen confirmations. Average Digibyte blocktimes are 30 seconds.
Litecoin requires three confirmations. Average Litecoin blocktimes are 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
Monero requires ten confirmations. Average Monero blocktimes are 2 minutes.
Ethereum requires twenty confirmations. Average Ethereum blocktimes are 15 seconds.
Swap charges a 2.0% fee for our service.

Additionally, users will pay third party exchange fees and network fees equal to but not exceeding the actual fees paid by Swap to trade, transfer and balance coins between send wallets and exchanges.

Our service saves customers money by batching network fees together. Small trades usually aren't worth it due to flat rate miner fees, but that isn't the case with Swap because the customer is only responsible for their small percentage of the miner fee.
Network fees are what some people call Miner fees.

Network fees vary depending on how busy the network is and how fast you want a transaction to be confirmed. We recommend using,24h


to get a better idea of how busy the network is. You could then choose to transact during times when fees are low.
Each time you trade using Swap we place a market order on a third party exchange. Our rates are based on real-time market orders.
To avoid waiting on support we recommend adding an “Emergency Address” before beginning a trade.
If for any reason a trade fails your coins will automatically return to this Emergency Address.

If you are still experiencing difficulties please open a support ticket:
Trades can fail for many reasons. The most common reason is that another user's coins got confirmed before yours and used up our local wallet’s available balance.
Addresses are reusable, but we strongly recommend doing one trade per address.