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General Public Cryptocurrency Faucet (BTC/BCH/BSV)

Get Bitcoin
0.00000100 BTC
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Bitcoin (BTC)
Balance: 0.00127389

Get Bitcoin Cash
0.00010000 BCH
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
Balance: 0.00005267

Get Bitcoin SV
0.00010000 BSV
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Bitcoin SV (BSV)
Balance: 0.00008259

General Public Cryptocurrency Faucet (CLAM/DASH/DGB)

Get Clamcoin
0.02000000 CLAM
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Balance: 2.29008876

Get Dash
0.001000000 DASH
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Dashcoin (DASH)
Balance: 0.00085446

Get Digibyte
0.10000000 DGB
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Digibyte (DGB)
Balance: 281.63563632

General Public Cryptocurrency Faucet (DOGE/ETH/LTC)

Get Dogecoin
5.00000000 DOGE
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Dogecoin (DOGE)
Balance: 1.10000000

Get Ethereum
0.00010000 ETH
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Dashcoin (DASH)
Balance: 0.00001988

Get Litecoin
0.00100000 LTC
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Litcoin (LTC)
Balance: 0.00082032

General Public Cryptocurrency Faucet (MAZA/XMR/NMC)

Get Mazacoin
1.00000000 MAZA
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Mazacoin (Maza)
Balance: 99950.00000000

Get Monero
0.00100000 XMR
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Litcoin (LTC)
Balance: 0.00058920

Get Namecoin
0.10000000 NMC
Freebitcoins.com XChange

Namecoin (NMC)
Balance: 0.00000000

Total requests: 3793 1734 BTC |136 CLAM |1688 DOGE |0 ETH |50 LTC |0 XMR |23 MAZA |0 BCH |0 NMC |0 DASH |52 DGB |110 BSV

Total Paid: 0.00173400  BTC |2.72000000 CLAM |8133 DOGE |0.00000000 ETH
0.05000000 LTC |0.00000000 XMR |23.00000000 MAZA |0.00000000 DASH |5.20000000 DGB |0.00000000 NMC|0.00000000 BCH |0.01100000 BSV